About Ralph Phillips

Always committed to affirming what makes his clients unique, Ralph has spent more than two decades creating fresh and dynamic video and TV programs tailored to meet their special needs and to bring their vision to light. It’s a philosophy that has garnered him praise and respect across video and TV arenas, from non-profits to corporate boardrooms, from the California Department of Justice to the US Treasury Department, from PBS affiliates to Network Television.

With Blue Monarch LA Productions, Ralph has bolstered his own award-winning experience as a producer, writer and director by surrounding himself with a talented team of creative, trustworthy and ethical professionals. Like Ralph, they take joy in providing award-winning experiences for his clients. When Ralph isn’t developing projects for his clients, he can be found creating original material that reflects his desire to positively impact peoples’ lives. Material such as: story books, TV Series, Mobile Apps, and Screenplays aimed at stoking kids’ imaginations, promoting conservation, maintaining America’s values, or building self-esteem.

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