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Evolution of a Video Project

Over the years, Blue Monarch LA has created a propietary user-friendly process for producing effective videos and other media.   Our process begins with a talented team of professionals starting with our client, who we consider an integral member.   We ascertain our client’s objectives, and then divide the project into stages, giving each member of the team the time necessary to focus on meeting strategic objectives.

Whether a client is a large company with a high-end production or a small firm with more modest needs, our process for producing state-of-the art content is the same and scalable.


  • Here we ascertain the clients’ goals and objectives, draw from their wealth of experience, gather research  and brainstorm concepts for the project.
  • A creative proposal and approach is drafted and presented to Client for approval.
  • A timeline and completion date for project is set.


  • A Treatment/outline is written that details the program content.
  • The Treatment is presented for review.  Changes are made.
  • A Teleplay is written and submitted for approval.
  •  Please note that for programs that are interview driven, we paraphrase in the teleplay what we want the interviewees to say, then draw the correct responses from them during production.


  • Schedule and coordinate shoot with client/talent and crew.
  • Create list of interview questions.
  • Meet with production team.
  • Identify b-roll to be shot.
  • Identify graphics needed for post-production.


  • Shoot.
  • Interviews and b-roll.


  • Rough cut program.
  • Client Review.
  • Complete edit, add titles, graphics, etc.
  • Client review.
  • Final, minor edit changes.
  • Run Masters and deliver to client.

Here’s an example of a project, from proposal to the finished script and to the completed video:

To download a sample project proposal (Justice In One’s Blood), click here.

To download the finished script (Mark of a Special Agent) that was developed from the proposal, click here.

To view the finished video, click here.


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