Writing Credits

“Originality is not seen in single words or even in sentences.
_Originality is the sum total of a man’s thinking or his writing.”

 –Isaac Bashevis Singer


Following is a sampling of programs written by Ralph Phillips


Drugs and Youth – Drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia and symptoms of abuse…Info to empower parents and educators.  Hosted by Martin Sheen

Gangs…Turning The Corner – Hosted by James Earl Jones, this dynamic video provides hope to those desperate to win kids back from  gang violence.

Mark Of A Special Agent – This recruitment video highlights some of the important and often heroic work that DOJ Special Agents perform daily to protect the citizens of California.  Utilizing this dynamic and effective recruitment tool, the Division of Law Enforcement saw a 30% increase in applicants.

Rescue The Children – Making A Case For Dec – This training and public awareness video instructs law enforcement agencies and child protective services on how to work together to rescue child victims from drug endangered environments.

The Crossfire Project: Youth Vs. Tobacco – Adults’ most valuable resource in combating tobacco and other problems confronting today’s teenagers are –  teenagers.  Video inspires youth to become advocates for change.

Effective Anti-Drug Coalitions: Elements For Success – Coalitions = power = change.  This informational tool provides remedies for overcoming the impact of substance abuse in our cities and towns.

Cheers (“Uncle Sam Malone”)… Night Court (“The Bonds Case”) – Promotion vehicles for the U.S. Treasury Department Savings Bonds Campaign.

Hidden Dangers: Meth Labs – Alerts the American public to the harmful and potentially deadly effects of Meth Kitchens.

Voice Of Reason – Video introduces the public to the California Office of Native American Affairs.

COPPS: Building Safer Communities – An inspirational program that explores solutions to neighborhood problems.

Bracing For Tomorrow – A FEMA Orientation video for post-earthquake mitigation.

Xeriscape Magic – Incorporating a series of humorous vignettes, this program introduces homeowners to this new concept in low water landscaping.


Diversity And Growth – Thought-provoking program designed to impact employee misconceptions toward cultural and ethnic changes in and out of the workforce.

Saudi Arabia – 20 mini-documentaries for two world-class museum exhibits depicting the new Saudi Arabian industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu.

The Right Attitude – A training video for AAA tow truck drivers.  A proper attitude equals happy customers.

The Wave – An overview of investment opportunities at SunAmerica Insurance Company.

The World Of Information Security – A documentary alerting employees to the dangers posed by hackers to computer switches and data networks.

The Silent Epidemic – A successful fund-raising tool for the Environmental Health Foundation for research on the effects of environmental toxins  and pollutants that are hurting our health.

FHP – A marketing program proclaiming to investors the advantages of investing in this leading HMO.

Titan…The Smart Choice – A marketing video used to sell builders on the advantages of installing Titan Kwickset Locks in their buildings.


Concepts In Marketing – Syndicated, half-hour college course on Marketing.  Case Study: Las Vegas.  Worked closely with instructional design specialist.

The Financial Abuse Of Seniors: Face It… It’s A Crime – This educational video gives seniors the tools to keep them from becoming victims of con artists bent on taking their money and possessions.

The Industrial Revolution and The Renaissance – Two educational videos in the Just The Facts History Learning Series.

Documents Of Destiny – This video series traces the founding of our Democracy through the study of historical documents, from the Magna Carta of 1215 to The Declaration of Independence.

The Letter People – PBS syndicated series teaching children to read. 10 episodes.

Truly American – PBS syndicated documentary series for children covering the lives of outstanding Americans of the 20th Century.


Network And Syndication TV

The Twilight Zone MGM/UA
Benson Witt/Thomas/Harris
The Jeffersons Embassy Television
V.I.P. Columbia
TV Ghost Stories All American
TV Diabolik Fox Network/Animation
Small Wonder 20th Century Fox Television
Star Trek: TNG Paramount
Beyond Reality USA


Paterson Quintillion Prods.
The Distant Shore Aries Films
Blue Monarch Goodman Prods


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